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Ruokangas Guitars are based in Finland, and is headed by Juha Ruokangas and his very capable team. In his words, he’s a guitar maker. An entrepreneur… Yes – but the hippie type, who’d rather put Peace, Love & Music first.


Ruokangas Guitars has a total of 7 models to choose from.


  • The Duke is the flagship model, and the very first model that started Juha on his quest for the holy grail of guitars.
  • The VSOP is Juha’s take on the S-style guitars.
  • The Mojo brings you the T-style twang.
  • The Hellcat answers the call from all the shredders out there, and provides the 24 frets needed to reach the highest notes.
  • The Unicorn is Juha’s answer to the classic 1959 tone.
  • The Steambass covers the low-end sound spectrum and brings every bit of Finnish guitar-building goodness to our bass players.
  • The Aeon is a super-Strat model that completes the entire line-up, and is the latest addition.


We’re sure you can find something to suit your playing and musical tastes!


I knew about Ruokangas Guitars more than 12 years ago, and first met Juha in 2010, at a guitar show in Belgium. Imagine the odds. And now, we’re already reaching 10 years of collaboration. Time really flies.

In Stock / On Order

Aeon Classic Honeyburst

Aeon Deluxe (Birch Insanity)


Duke Classic Teaburst

Aeon Deluxe (Birch Insanity)

Duke Artisan Absinthe

Mojo King Cream

Unicorn Classic (Ruska)

Aeon Deluxe (Kevat)

Unicorn Supersonic Cherry

VSOP Deluxe Absinthe

Unicorn Classic (Kesa)

Unicorn Classic Teaburst

Mojo Grande Heritageburst

Duke Classic Tobaccoburst

VSOP Classic Red

Steambass Classic Cream

Unicorn Classic Teaburst

Mojo King Gold

Mojo Classic (Cat and Bones)

Unicorn Classic Blue

Hellcat Deluxe Sundance

VSOP Classic 2-tone Sunburst