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Onirica Guitars is the brainchild of Emanuele Faggion in Vicenza, Italy.


Onirica Guitars is a laboratory of guitar making in Vicenza, and deals with the construction, repair, modification and restoration of stringed musical instruments (acoustic guitars, archtop, electric, classical – electric bass, acoustic – mandolins – lutes – baroque guitars, romantic, flying, lutes …). In addition to the Onirica models, they treat the construction of custom-made custom tools, according to customer specifications. The guitar maker Emanuele Faggion personally takes care of every operation.


Onirica Guitars make electric, acoustic, and arch top guitars. For the electric line, they have 3 main models:


  • Der Rebell is the main electric model, which is a semi-hollow body guitar.
  • Prime Bass covers the low-end.
  • The Metal Top series features an engraved metal top (aluminium/brass) on Der Rebell or Prime Bass.
  • The Modernburst is their take on the classic single cut guitar.


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Der Rebell Brass Top

KZ One Solid (Matcha)

KZ One Solid (Sunflower)


KZ One Solid Prototype #1