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KZ Guitar Works is headed by Mr Kazuo in Japan.


From 2007 ~ 2010, they made official models of Brian May’s famed guitar, the “Red Special”. In 2015, they announced their own guitar model, the Kz One.


  • The KZ One Standard is a semi-hollow version with their signature pickup combination.
  • The KZ One Junior is their no-frills version of the KZ One.
  • The KZ One Solid is the latest addition to the line in 2018. Imagine all the goodness of the semi-hollow in a solid body form.


Each guitar is hand made with pride in Japan, and is of the finest quality.

In Stock / On Order

KZ One Solid Prototype #1

KZ One Solid (Matcha)

KZ One Solid (Sunflower)


KZ One Solid Prototype #1