frank hartung

Frank Hartung Guitars is based in Langeweisen, Germany, and solely run by Frank Hartung.


Passion and emotions are deep-rooted in all details of Frank Hartung guitars. He recombines logical lines to create exciting shapes, that one might recognise.


Frank has  been building guitars for more than 15 years and almost every single task is performed by himself, from the raw slab of  wood to the first note being played, and most instruments are distinctive and one-of-a-kind. These are guitars for  individualists and lovers of exquisite instruments, but most certainly  also musician’s tools for everyday use on the stages of this world.


Frank has a few models to choose from


  • The Embrace is a singlecut model with flow-carving
  • The Diavolo appeals to the doublecut players
  • The Junico is the Jr. of the line
  • The Caligo is Frank’s modern guitar
  • The Sephir is a singlecut model with classic carves
In Stock / On Order

Embrace Custom Meridianus

Diavolo Custom (Noctis)

KZ One Solid (Sunflower)


Embrace Custom Solis Ortus


Embrace Custom

Junico Black Rose #2

Embrace Deluxe Diluculo

Embrace Custom