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Boutique Guitar Loft aims to provide you with exclusive high-end boutique guitars from luthiers and builders from all over the world. These guitars are what we feel have something special to offer! They are fully customisable to your desired specs, such as inlay designs, matching backs and stainless steel frets.


Some might say – the sky’s the limit!


New guitars ship direct from the workshop right to your doorstep. Each guitar has been carefully chosen and meticulously crafted for the comfort and enjoyment of the player. You can be assured that only the best materials go into the building of the guitars.


All guitars are maintained at our store, and carefully stored in their cases, not hung on the wall, nor exposed to the elements.


If you love guitars and gear, then it’s Y.O.U.!


Drop us an email, or via the contact form, if you have any queries or just want to chat gear.


We meet our clients on a by-appointment basis for a personalised experience, so that dedicated time for guitar talk and discussion on custom orders can be fruitful.


We look forward to meeting you!









Jan and Mason

Partners Jan and Mason provide a great blend between traditional and modern trends in the electric guitar industry. Inspired by the classics, they strive to design versatile instruments with superior comfort and playability the modern player seeks.

Pierrick Brua

Pierrick started building since 1993 and has received many awards including Master Craftsman of Art and ``Meilleur Ouvrier de France`` for the design and construction of high quality custom guitars. He now builds arch top guitars, electric guitars, and acoustic guitars.

Frank Hartung

For Frank, building guitars is pure passion. His guitars express a uniqueness and high-level of craftsmanship and attention to the detail which makes all the difference. The possibilities for a personal touch are endless.

KZ Guitar Works

From 2007 ~ 2010, they made official models of Brian May’s famed guitar, the “Red Special”. In 2015, they announced their own guitar brand, Kz One. Made with pride in Japan, each guitar is hand-made with the finest quality.


Jim Normandy

The Normandy guitar was born from a rocker’s love of classic guitars and the smooth, unique sound of aluminum streaming from the strings. In 2007, Jim Normandy started Normandy Guitars, the company that would make the world’s first production aluminum archtop.

Emanuele Faggion

Emanuele started building musical instruments at age 19, completely self-taught and without attending any guitar-building schools. He sees this profession as a means of expressing his creativity, through the discovery of new expressions so that we see the soul and the character of the builder. He is convinced that this creativity coming from deep within, is the only way to make high-level instruments that are unique in their kind.

Fabrizio Paoletti

Visually Fabrizio's instruments are a mixture of the old and the new, with the Loft series replicating the chipped paint jobs of well-worn rock’n’roll guitars, and his signature Wine series making use of the ancient wine barrels left from the old family business.

Jose Ramos

Jose has been experimenting, learning, and mastering this craft for more than 13 years despite there being no formal education for luthiers in Spain. Yet, doing so has allowed him to create his own style and brand of guitars that we all see today.

Juha Ruokangas

Heads the Ruokangas team in Finland. In his words, he's a guitar maker. An entrepreneur... Yes - but the hippie type, who'd rather put Peace, Love & Music first.

A Bit About Us

We are proud to represent this incredible bunch of luthiers:


  • Aviator Guitars (Czech Republic)
  • Brua Guitars (France)
  • Frank Hartung Guitars (Germany)
  • KZ Guitar Works (Japan)
  • Malinoski Guitars (USA)
  • Normandy Guitars (USA)
  • Onirica Guitars (Italy)
  • Paoletti Instruments (Italy)
  • Ramos Guitars (Spain)
  • Ruokangas Guitars (Finland)


We also have our very own selected line of handmade, build-to-order guitar straps


  • Loft Guitar Straps (Singapore)


Don’t forget to ask about our selection of pre-owned guitars and occasionally, collectible guitars from other boutique guitar builders.

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